Bushy's Big Wheel Blues Festival

Hamilton Loomis

Hamilton is from Texas and sings, plays guitar and harmonica and is one to the great new hopes for blues and roots music.  Born and raised in Galveston, Texas, Hamilton was first hooked on music through his parents’ extensive collection of blues, rock, and soul records.  Hamilton honed his multi-instrumental chops early, learning drums, piano, guitar, bass and harmonica by his early teens and performing as part of his family’s doo-wop group.

At age sixteen he went backstage to meet Bo Diddley and before the night was over Hamilton was onstage playing alongside the legend.  Since that initial meeting, Diddley has become a friend, mentor, and supporter.  “INNOVATE, DON’T IMITATE”… Diddley’s words continue to inspire Hamilton and fuel his desire for originality.  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member said of Loomis, “you got to put some seasonin’ in what you’re doin’, and this boy’s got the whole salt shaker!” 

Bo Diddley contributes his unmistakable voice and funky tremolo guitar to “You Got To Wait”, a tune he and Hamilton co-wrote for his album “Ain’t Just Temporary”.  Touring non-stop since 2001, Hamilton has brought his funk-i-fied Texas music to audiences all over the U.S. and the world, recently earning two "Best Artist" awards in England and Wales and headlining a night at 2007’s Burnley Blues Festival where he “blew away” one of our committee members!

By deftly balancing his blues roots and penchant for experimentation and originality, Loomis has guaranteed his place at the head of the pack of young artists changing the face of modern blues.