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Sherman Robertson

"Some of the best Texas soul-blues anyone could hope for. Potent singing and sizzling guitar Sherman Robertson is one of the most important artists in blues." - Blues Revue


Hamilton Loomis

“you got to put some seasonin’ in what you’re  doin’,
and this boy’s got the whole salt shaker!” - Bo Diddley


Val Cowell with Primo Blues


"raunchy Bonnie Raitt"

"truly musicians’ musicians, a treat to watch"

Primo Blues Photos by Nazish Hussain


“.... a mean axeman ..."


Papa George with Primo Blues



Michael Roach
"He celebrates the blues in his words and music: inspirational, infectious, amusing,  he is the genuine article."


Kyla Brox
“She has a voice with the strength and sensitivity reminiscent of Etta James ….” (Listener, California )


Boo Boo Davis

Boo Boo Davis is the REAL DEAL. He is coming from the same area, period and tradition as most of the blues greats but there is one huge difference…… Boo Boo is still alive and kicking, writing and singing his music….. raw first-hand experience blues directly from the Delta




Derrin Nauenorf

“A Cracking set of country-tinged rockers and ballads”
The Sunday Express UK