Bushy's Big Wheel Blues Festival

Papa George

Born in 1953, within a stone’s throw of London’s Tin Pan Alley, it isn’t surprising that Papa George was virtually born with a guitar in his hands.  For over 30 years Papa has dedicated himself to playing live shows around the blues circuits/festivals of the UK, Europe and USA.


Papa George expresses himself from deep within his soul: “Papa he’s preaching.  His music is a dirt under its fingernails.  A music to believe in.  A music you can trust.  A tough and gritty sound as he mixes a terse rock edge in his blues style.”


“Papa George, the British-born blues player is highly regarded, both here and in the U.S. and Europe, for the gritty passion of his voice and his finesse on the blues frets…” Paul Jones, BBCRadio2

“Papa George, a mean axeman who has built up a strong reputation in recent years” THE TIMES

“He (PG) is a superb guitar player, a first-class vocalist and an immensely talented songwriter” Blues In Britain