Bushy's Big Wheel Blues Festival

Val Cowell

Val Cowell is a co-founding member of the Rock/Blues band BAD INFLUENCE (www.badinfluence.org.uk) which has been her project since 1986.  She started her career in the band AVENUE with her brother and toured Europe extensively before forming Bad Influence with her partner Richard Hayes.  Val has always had her finger in other pies by singing lead and backing vocals for many different artists.  Most recently she has done vocals or duets in the studio, BBC Radio 2, or in the live arena with ... Papa George, Paul Cox, The Barcodes, Roger Cotton and Earl Green among others.  She is often described as a "raunchy Bonnie Raitt" and also plays a mean rhythm guitar.  The new collaboration with the PRIMO BLUES BAND is one you will be hearing a lot more of.


"Val Cowell puts her heart and soul into every vocal performance and plays a mean rhythm guitar too!" - BLUES IN BRITAIN

"Bad Influence always leave an audience handsomely entertained and looking forward to the next instalment" - BLUES IN BRITAIN

"Val Cowell who fronts Bad Influence throws out enough vocal wattage to power a small town" - "Val's is a tidal wave of a voice, with built in bump and grind, that can take on the mantle of our greatest singers" SOUTH WALES EVENING POST