Bushy's Big Wheel Blues Festival

Rodney Branigan

This artist calls his music ”progressive folk fusion,” but that doesn’t do it justice. Clearly, he’s invented a new genre –– one that blends rock, folk, flamenco, madrigal, classical, bluegrass and jazz –– and, it all works. Most songs are driving, thumping monsters. Branigan plays music so compelling that you have to listen to it. It stuns the audience and hushes the room –– even in a bustling L.A. club.

Photo by Pete Dadd


Watching Branigan play is a mind-boggling experience. You look for the hard drive, because no musician could do what he’s doing. When no assistance is apparent, you wonder if he’s possessed. Playing three instruments at once –– two guitars (a 12-string and 6-string) and a tambourine –– his musical facility is so awe-inspiring that he kicks the “novelty” tag right to the curb. This is a real musician with extraordinary talent.

Branigan started the show with one guitar across his knee, another resting vertically against his other leg, and a tambourine under his foot. He not only played these instruments at the same time, Branigan also used the guitar bodies for percussion. His sounds attracted people passing by the club, who probably entered expecting to see a full band. Every single one of them was frozen in disbelief. Jaws dropped as patrons hushed newcomers who were asking, “Who is this guy?” No one wanted to miss a moment.

Rodney Branigan is one of the most amazing artists you will ever see. Not simply because he’s unique, but rather because he’s impossibly talented. Whether this artist made a deal at the Crossroads, or has preternatural abilities is unknown.
"Rodney Branigan is one of the most amazing artists you will ever see.  Not simply because he's unique, but rather because he's impossibly talented." - Bernard Baur, Music Connection Magazine

Find him here www.myspace.com/rodneybranigan

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