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Following it's successful refurbishment, we are very pleased that the 2012 Big Wheel Blues Festival will return to our normal home, the Pavilion Ballroom, Laxey Glen Gardens.

A little bit about our normal home - Laxey

As the songs says.. ‘Laxey was a mining village many years ago…’and before that it was a fishing village. The name comes from the Vikings who obviously must have found salmon in the river running down to the coast below their ‘snow mountain’. Now it is a great place to live and work with a thriving community, primary school, businesses and pubs, restaurants, cafes and take-aways. See Laxey Commissioners web site for more information, a map and photographs:

The Pavillion Ballroom located in the beautiful Laxey Glen Gardens set in the heart of Laxey village.



Wicked Grin featuring festival team members Dave, John, Dave and Pete on stage in the Pavilion Ballroom with John Hammond at the 2006 festival.

Saturday afternoon family fun at the Pavilion with entertainment organised by Monica George and the Possan Straiddy Manx street theatre.