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Island Aggregates sponsor the Isle of Man Blues Festival

Island Aggregates sponsor the isle of Man Blues Festival

Charterhouse Group International sponsors of the Isle of Man Blues Festival

Charterhouse Group International

Bushyfest 2005 is a fund raising event for the British Red Cross.

Bushy's Big Wheel Blues Festival is a fund raising event for the British Red Cross
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Debate, discussion and argument - gear, bands and gigs - it's your call

What's on in 2005?
All the bands, venues and times

Which stage requires tickets?
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Many of the Fest bands and musicians
who have appeared over the years.
Bio's, pic's and loads of info.


Poster 2005

The who's who of Festival 2004; pictures, links, the lot

Photo's and Gig Reviews of ALL the stages/venues of Festival 2004

Vast archive of Photo's and Gig Reviews of Previous Festivals

The Festival Site map is interactive - click on any of the details for more info

Interactive Festival Site Map - click to enlarge

The "Acoustic Stage" (in reality an eclectic mix of music from Delta Blues to flat out rock) at The Shore Hotel has it's own website which is now updated with new pictures and info..

The Manx Blues Club; where the Festival sprang from
venue, dates, history etc..

Info & Location

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Where is it? Here!
Interactive Festival Site Map
Includes Photo's of Laxey Village

How to get to the Isle of Man

Check the 2003 Festival and all the Gig reviews with a stack of pictures too

Without our sonsors
there would be no
Fest - Who are these
generous people?

Lady Isabella - the Great Laxey Wheel keeps on turning...
Laxey Wheel By Night

Set high on the hillside towards the hamlet of Agneash and overlooking Laxey Village is the Great Laxey Wheel and is as much associated with the Isle of Man as are the cats without tails. Built in 1854 the Laxey water wheel, known as the Lady Isabella after the wife of the Lieutenant Governor of the island at the time, was designed by the Manx engineer Robert Casement and engineered to pump up to 250 gallons of water per minute at a depth of almost 1,500 feet from the workings of the the lead and zinc mines operated by the Great Laxey Mining Company. In 1965 the Manx government bought the water wheel and the restoration work which followed, preserved it for future generations. Since 1989 it has been under the control of Manx National Heritage and is open to the public.

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British Airways. Click to book on-line
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British European's Flybe.Com. Click to book on-line
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Isle of Man Steam Packet's Seacat service from Liverpool, Dublin, Belfast and Troon to Douglas Isle of Man. Click to book on-line
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A3 Island Marquees Ltd
A3 Marquees Ltd - a Fest 2003 sponsor

Bushy's Brewery supporting
the Fest since the last century.
Bushy's Brewery

Millichaps Furniture Store - Ramsey
Millichaps Furnishers - sponsors of BushyFest 2003

Domicilium: Internet Providers to the Festival
Domicilium - Internet Providers to the Festival

PDMS: On-Line Service Providers to the Festival
PDMS: On-Line Service Providers to the Festival

Absolute Scaffolding - Blues Marquee Stage
Absolute Scaffolding - Main Stage Suppliers

Laxey Garage & Manx Motor Auctions
Laxey Garage & Manx Motor Auctions sponsors of BushyFest 2003

Triskel Promotions - Live Music Promotion & Support
Triskel Promotions - Promoting live music on the Isle of Man

Pete Woodman Guitars - Handcrafted on the Isle of Man

Bushy's Big Wheel Blues Festival 2005 is
a fund raising event for the British Red
Cross. Please give generously.
Bushy's Big Wheel Blues Festival 2003 is a fund raising event for the British Red Cross

Quine & Cubbon Printing & Plate Making Services
Bushy's Big Wheel Blues Festival 2004 is grateful to Quine & Cubbon for their help with posters and bunting - it's so easy!

  • Below is the verbatim Report submitted by the Festival organiser to the Meeting of the Laxey Commissioners held on the 29th June 2005 at their offices in Laxey.


    Perhaps surprisingly the 2005 Festival was probably the best attended in the seven year history of the annual event. I say surprisingly because at the 11th hour and the 59th minute the venue for the Main Stage, in an entirely unrelated incident, had it's licence revoked. At first sight this meant that we would have no main stage for 2005. But in a spirit of "never say die" various options were discussed including, of course, cancellation. However with a great deal of support and help from the Laxey Commissioners, the Police, the Department of Transport, Bushy's Brewery and Derek Black-Kay a licence was granted for the marquee in Laxey Station - just one day before the event started.

    Amongst other things it is this level of goodwill that has helped to make the Festival the popular event that is has undoubtedly become - I hope that it continues. Perhaps nothing illustrates how popular than the website statistics. The website has grown extraordinarily in the last three years from a barely used facility to one that now has over 100,000 individual visits annually with, in excess of, a million hits a year.

    "All of the stages were extremely well attended this year. The weather contributed a major part in this of course but it's the local musicians - more than 150 of them - who give their time and skill for nothing who really make the event what it is.

    It would be foolish of me to pretend that an event of the size that the Blues Festival has become won't have its detractors and indeed a few negative aspects. But when you get right down to it, the Festival is just one weekend in the year. Whilst the few that are inconvenienced by it, or its fans, must be listened to and accommodated where possible, surely they must not be allowed undue influence over the future of the Festival at the expense of the overwhelming majority.

    The Festival is a non-profit organisation that is run entirely by volunteers and it is an event that relies on no taxpayers money whatever and no official support. It is our sponsors and the contribution of the musicians that I have just spoken about that make it possible for the event to take place. It is hard to say how many people are drawn to Laxey for the Festival weekend and difficult to assess how much money they spend in the village. However, on an anecdotal level, I believe strongly that the indications are that it is the biggest weekend of the year for all those taking part and must contribute at least a little to the economic well-being of the community. We are proud of that and hope that it may continue."

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