Derrin Nauendorf - Bushy's Big Wheel Blues Festival

Derrin Nauendorf

Derrin Nauendorf : (Pronounced No-en-dorf) 31, is an Australian who blends blues, folk and country by combining guitar, voice and lyric to create a unique and passionate rootsy sound that has to be experienced; and can only be described as pure Derrin Nauendorf.

Since first embarking on our shores 6 years ago, Derrin has worked relentlessly to get his music heard.

Touring firstly as a duo, then for several years solo and, more recently as solo, duo or trio with his newly formed band.

2006 has been a great year for Derrin so far; Along with the release of his new studio recorded band album and first commercial release The Rattling Wheel; Came a distribution deal with Pinnacle, national radio plays, ‘live' sessions on BBC Radio 2 with Paul Jones and Bob Harris coupled with sessions on many local BBC and other radio shows, the publishing of Derrin's lyrics for ‘Shipwrecked' by Cambridge University Press in an English teaching guide, a full endorsement from Yamaha guitars, presence in various publications e.g Mojo, Q, Maverick, Blues Matters, Blues in Britain, and last but not least a 4 star album review in The Sunday Express alongside Jools Holland, Tom Waits and The Beatles! Great company indeed… And; whilst all of this has been happening Derrin has still managed to keep up with his busy touring schedule delighting audiences wherever he goes.

“An excellent album” Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2 UK

“A Cracking set of country-tinged rockers and ballads” The Sunday Express UK