Travel & Accomodation - Bushy's Big Wheel Blues Festival

Travel and Accommodation


The cheapest way to get here is probably by Ferry from Heysham, Liverpool, Dublin Belfast or Troon in Scotland.
To check ferries and book online (and save a bit too) visit

Flights are available from City of London Airport, Gatwick, Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool as well as other airports. If you book in advance tickets are definitely cheaper as usual but probably the best price, if you are travelling fom the South anyway, is from Luton airport - again, booked in advance.

Click the following links for more travel information -

* Manx Flights
* Euromanx
* Flybe
* Aer Arran
* Manx2
* IOM Tourist Info



Accommodation on the Island is reasonably plentiful and, on the whole, not too expensive - but shop around.
visit Isle of Man Accommodation to search the accomodation available on the island, there is a lot of blurb about hotels, phone numbers, rates and so on. The quality varies enormously and it it will pay you to make an effort to ring first or check the rooms before parting with your cash.