Artists - Bushy's Big Wheel Blues Festival



Ian Siegal

"The Baddest Guitarist on the planet" Chaka Khan

Mike Sanchez

He is a born showman and appears to work without a set list, which is a sure sign of a natural entertainer.

Derrin Nauendorf

“A Cracking set of country-tinged rockers and ballads” The Sunday Express UK


Simon Honeyboy Hickling and the DTs

Two decades of blowing the harp as a way of life and Simon "Honeyboy" Hickling is now established as a virtuoso player of international repute.


Henri Herbert with Colin Staples

"An incredibly gifted pianist with natural flair" Ben Walters


Sam Kelly's Station House

A mix of music which is far different to the norm, but still with its roots based firmly in the blues.