Simon Honeyboy Hickling and the DTs - Bushy's Big Wheel Blues Festival

Simon Honeyboy Hickling and the DTs

Simon Honeyboy Hickling and the DTs: Two decades of blowing the harp as a way of life and Simon "Honeyboy" Hickling is now established as a virtuoso player of international repute. His harp technique, honed through years of touring and recording, combined with a live wire stage presence and a voice that can justifiably be described as "authentic", have won over an ever increasing fan base, united in their conviction that when it comes to the thing he does, nobody does it better.

Nominated for best UK harp player (2000) in Blueprint magazine, past credits include three years of touring and recording with Steve Marriot, sharing lead vocals and playing the harp. Recordings with Bo Diddley, Paul Rodgers, and occasional appearances with Anthony Thistlewaite's (EX Waterboys) Blue Stars - a session band featuring the "Kick Horns" and Mick Taylor.

Simon's own band "The DT's" are currently engaged on the "Never Ending Tour".

Appearances on the Paul Jones Blues Show, and Radio 2 programmes, along with show stopping performances at many of Europe 's largest Blues Festivals have increased his fan base still further.